Angle Inc. has been selected for “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub”, Microsoft’s startup support program.


We are pleased to announce that Angle Inc. has been selected by Micrsoft for its startup support program “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub”. Angle Inc. will develop “MetaPeace,” a complex platform to address digital social issues, especially online slander and harassment, under the slogan of “Making the New World More Comfortable.”.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Overview

The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a startup support program by Microsoft Corporation. Selected companies will receive over $100,000 worth of scalable technology benefits, including free access to Azure and GitHub, and will also benefit from the company’s collaboration with OpenAI, an advanced AI company, to leverage the Azure Open AI platform and GPT-3 API.

Introduction to MetaPeace

MetaPeace is a complex platform with the functions of (1) web media, (2) e-learning tool, and (3) community, with the aim of raising and solving digital social issues, especially online slander and harassment. The main purpose of the program adoption this time is to develop (2) e-learning tools.

  1. Web media: Introduces all aspects of online issues such as harassment that occurs online, security issues, and environmental issues stemming from the development of technology, as well as countermeasures disseminated by specialized organizations.
  2. E-learning tools: We aim to develop tools to support the acquisition of appropriate online communication skills for elementary through high school students. We will use the support program to develop the product quickly and efficiently.
  3. Community: Under the slogan “Make the New World More Comfortable.”, we will operate a community that aims to realize a better online environment.

Project Milestones

May 2023: Web media release (
December 2023: E-learning tool beta release.*
January 2024: Start community operations.*
March 2024: Official release of e-learning tool.*
*Timing may vary.

We are honored and humbled by our selection for the “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub”. Angle Inc. will continue to develop and provide services that serve the public interest.


For more information, please contact us using the contact form or the e-mail address provided in the PDF version of the press release.